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I just wanted to thank you for your quick shipping. The capacitors that you sent fixed the problem and now our radar is functioning at 100%. Because of your reliability and quick response, you are my first choice for our next order.
MD - US Navy - USS Momsen
I would like you to know that I am very happy with your customer service. Yesterday morning we had our Mazak (CNC) machine break down. We needed a switch ordered from your company. We were losing a $100.00 per hour with this machine down. A salesman named Jeff helped us out. He was very professional, courteous, and was more than willing to help me. The switch arrived “Overnight Red” this morning and our machine is up and running. I deal will vendors on a daily basis and wish there were more Jeff’s in this world. Thank him very much for me.
TV - Norfield Industries
4 Star Electronics has been the savior in our previous programs, and your company is at the top of the list when it comes to obsolete parts. Your web site is already book marked in my internet explorer. I will always keep you and 4 Star in mind when we are in need of obsolete or hard to find parts.
JC - Raytheon
Thank you for all of your help. This order meant a lot to our company. WE have been trying to do business with this customer for over 3 months, and this was our chance. This was a challenge for me and you made it a lot easier working with you. I appreciate all of your hard work, and most of all, the way you treated me with kindness and urgency. You re-assured me that you were going to do what ever it takes to get me your parts. I have never in my many years of buying had a broker treat me with such professionalism before.
RF - Saline Lectronics
I received the other part I ordered from you in record time! Thanks, you guys are great!
CU - Request, Inc.
Thanks for your help. The parts were received and the production line with our equipment is up and running. You guys were the only ones with these parts in stock.
SF - Siemens
Mike has always been very helpful and accurate and on time with his quotes to me. He also has a great attitude and is a pleasure to speak with regarding any inquiry I may have on parts.
LM - Northrop Grumman
Mike was very helpful on a number of occasions and was always prompt when asked to expedite. My preferred supplier.
TS - Raytheon
You probably deal with many people and hear all different kinds of stories. I appreciate the help you give me. I know at times it is costly but I know I am asking for things with significant lead times. Once again thank you, it really helps me to get things done in a timely manner.
Your rating for this period is in the “Preferred” range. Weed Instrument Co. congratulates you on the high rating and is pleased to identify 4 Star Electronics as a preferred supplier
DS - Weed Instrument
Thanks Matt. I really appreciate you taking the initiative to send me the photo to ensure correct material. I will definitely keep you and your company in mind when I am in search of hard to find product.
RR - Phillips
We just wanted to thank you for your great prices and speedy delivery time. We were able to get the electronics we needed to ensure a custom project got to our end user on time. The next time we're in a jam, we're going to 4 Star Electronics
JZ - Valtorc Valves
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