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Excess Inventory

4 Star Electronics offers a wide variety of Excess Electronics Inventory Solutions. Whether it is a list of obsolete parts or just electronic components that you no longer need, we have the solution for you to sell excess inventory. As an electronics distributor we buy and sell everything that has value including new and obsolete semiconductors, integrated circuits, military components, transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, connectors, Switches, relays, CPU's and hard drives

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Email your list to [email protected] or call (949) 276-5222 to speak to an excess inventory specialist, we are here to help you recover top dollar for your excess electronics inventory.

Excess Electronics Inventory (Lot Buy)

The lot buy program is a great idea for companies who need to get that old obsolete electronics off of their shelves and out of their warehouse immediately. 4 Star Electronics will give you an accurate response on your excess electronics components usually within 24 hours. We will bid on everything that has value including New and Obsolete Semiconductors, Integrated Circuits, military components, transistors, resistors, capacitors, ciodes, connectors, switches, relays, CPU's or hard drives.

Donít let that old excess inventory
collect dust, turn it into cash!

Excess Electronics Inventory(Consignment)

The excess inventory consignment program is a great idea for companies that are looking to sell excess electronics inventory plus earn a higher return on the dollar. Many companies offer the excess consignment program, but only 4 Star Electronics can provide a excess inventory consignment service that guarantees a 100% accurate audit trail.

The first thing we do once your excess inventory is received, is a complete physical for quantity and quality. We then give you a itemized spread sheet of your excess inventory for your records. The electronic components are separated into bins, marked with your company code and stored in the consignment section of our warehouse. All of this takes place in our ANSI/ESD-S20.20 certified warehouse and carried out through our experienced quality control department. If there are any discrepancies on the count or on the condition of the excess components it will be immediately reported to the consignee.

The last step in our excess inventory consignment program is for our experienced sales team to re-market your excess components using our worldwide database that reaches every corner of the world. Our inventory is currently being viewed by over 4 million potential customers per month and the marketing department is constantly pushing to find new avenues to market your inventory. Once an acceptable bid is made on your excess electronics and the product is sold, we will ship the parts to the customer. Every month you will receive an itemized report and a check for all your excess inventory that we sell (based on the percentage negotiated with your excess inventory consignment rep). All percentages of return on product are negotiable and are determined by the value of the product involved.

Excess Electronics Inventory(On-Site Consignment)

This feature works great if you are not in a big hurry to sell excess electronics inventory and if you have the warehouse space available to keep your excess inventory on site.

4 Star Electronics has the time and knowledge to assist you in inventorying your excess components on-site. We will then use our worldwide database to broadcast your excess inventory to get you the highest return possible. Once an offer is accepted you will ship and bill us directly. We will handle the rest. The possibilities are endless. Please contact us today for more details.

Email your list to us at: [email protected] or call us at (949) 240-8500.

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