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Test Houses

The list below contains approved test facilities used by 4 Star Electronics. These companies provide value-added services such as tape & reel, lead finishing, and electrical testing to help us provide superior service to our customers.

Jeff Low
Phone: 760-740-9167
Fax: 760-740-9830
Email: [email protected]

Corfin Industries
Arnie Markowitz
Phone: 603-893-9900
Fax: 603-893-6800
Email: [email protected]

Custom Analytical Services
Don Trenholm
Phone: 603-898-7074
Fax: 603-898-6797
Email: [email protected]

DPA Components International
Jim Llewellyn
Phone: 805-581-9200
Fax: 805-581-9790
Email: [email protected]

Global Electronics Testing Services
Dan Tang
Phone: 727-807-7991
Fax: 727-807-7992
Email: [email protected]

Integra Technologies LLC
Kent Wade
Phone: 800-622-2382
Fax: 316-630-6877
Email: [email protected]

Premier Semiconductor Services
Nick Leonardi
Phone: 480-736-1970
Fax: 480-736-1971
Email: [email protected]

Tom Ott
Phone: 256-650-0220
Fax: 256-650-0230
Email: [email protected]

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