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ERAI Membership

Member since 2002

The ERAI (Electronic Resellers Association, Inc.) was established in 1995 as a global information services company that monitors, investigates, and reports issues that affect the semiconductor supply chain. ERAI has developed tools and services to assist buyers and sellers in all sectors of the supply chain to prevent losses and safeguard businesses through risk mitigation in the material procurement process. These tools and services enable companies to perform assessments of suspect counterfeit, high-risk, and non-conforming parts, as well as identify problematic vendors and customers, thus helping to control the flow of counterfeit products and avoid illicit business practices.

ERAI strives to make the electronic supply chain a safe working environment through industry cooperation, data sharing, education, and the promotion of best practices. ERAI provides risk mitigation tools, including:

  • Database of counterfeit and high-risk Components
  • Database of high-risk suppliers and customers
  • Vendor and customer analysis information
  • Real time complaint and dispute alerts
  • Real time high-risk component alerts
  • Reporting of high-risk and counterfeit components
  • Escrow services
  • Mediation and dispute resolution services
  • News on current events that affect the supply chain

Armed with the tools and information we need, 4 Star Electronics is better prepared to provide a quality product to our customers, without any of the hassle or drama of being burned by counterfeit electronic components.


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