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ASA Membership

Member since 2011

The Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA) promotes safety, regulatory compliance and ethical business practices among aviation parts suppliers and throughout the aviation community.

Based in Washington, DC, the ASA is a not-for-profit association, representing more than 490 global member companies that are positively shaping the aviation industry. Collectively, they lead critical logistics programs, purchasing efforts, and distribution of aircraft parts world-wide. Members include:

  • Distributors
  • Suppliers
  • Surplus sales organizations
  • Repair stations
  • Manufacturers
  • Airlines
  • Operators

The Aviation Suppliers Association Certification Body (ASACB), is an ANAB accredited certification body for ISO 9001:2008, AS9100 and AS9120 audits. As a result of the group's auditing capabilities, over 280 companies have received global accreditation to the ASA-100 Quality System Standard and FAA Advisory Circular 00-56 since 1996.

As one of the leaders in educational events, ASA provides a range of opportunities including, regional workshops, networking events, quality committee meetings, and its annual conference. The ASA Annual Conference is the only conference with a focus on the aviation distribution industry and boasts itself as one of the most informative and extensive training events, which also includes significant networking and business development opportunities.

ASA has been recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Database Management, Industry Voluntary Accreditations. On a global scale, ASA also interacts with and participates within working groups from agencies across six continents including EASA, Transport Canada, CAAC, Australian CAAC, and many others.


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