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4 Star Electronics is a leading distributor of obsolete transducer electronic components. A transducer is a component that changes electricity into some other form of energy. It can also change energy into another kind of electricity. They are often considered a passive electronic component because of the fact that they do not amplify energy or electricity. To ensure you receive the highest quality parts, 4 Star Electronics has invested heavily in quality assurance by way of training and counterfeit detection equipment. Our press release section provides more information on the latest changes to our quality assurance program. To check stock and request a quote, use the global part search utility below. Our sales associates will respond very promptly to your request.

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About Transducers

Transducers take on many forms. Some are crystals that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy or the other way around. Another form would be a microphone. It converts energy from audio into electrical energy. As you can imagine, the very opposite of a microphone, the speaker is a transducer as well. A thermistor, although a little different, but still part of the transducer family, performs the job of helping regulate temperature. This becomes important to a component because if the temperature of the component changes it can change its inherent values.

LCDs are also transducers since they convert electrical energy into light energy. The form we are most familiar with would be LEDs. The last type of transducer to discuss, although there are many types, would be photosensors. The role of a photosensor is to change light into an electrical parameter that can be sent to another electronic component.

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