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4 Star Electronics is a leading independent, non-authorized electronic components distributor of Acopian Power Supplies. With over 35 years experience in the distribution of obsolete electronic components, our customers know they can trust our team of professionals to deliver their parts on time and at very competitive prices. Our 30,000sqft. ANSI/ESD-S20.20 certified warehouse houses hundreds of thousands of new and obsolete electronic components that ship same day when your order is received by 3:30pm PST. Because 4 Star knows how important your time is, we have developed a very convenient Request A Quote form. Fill it out just once and the next time you visit all your important information is filled out for you. Requesting a quote on Acopian Power Supply parts has never been easier. Expedite your order by giving us a call today at (877) 240-8595. Check stock by using our search utility below.

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Acopian, headquartered in Eaton, PA, manufacturers thousands of power supplies, including constant current control, constant voltage control, AC-DC single, dual and triple output power supplies, DC-DC converters, linear power supplies, switching power supplies, and power factor correction. Acopian also designs and manufacturers custom Power Systems. Acopian strives to make power supplies last longer than other typical power supplies.

Acopian Power Supplies Corporate Info
Acopian Power Supplies
P.O.Box 638
Eaton, PA 18044 US
Phone: (610) 258-5441
Fax: (610) 258-2842
Email: [email protected]
Web Site:

* 4 Star Electronics, Inc. is not associated, affiliated or an authorized distributor for the manufacturer above.

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