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4 Star Electronics is a leading distributor of components for electronic applications. Located in San Clemente, California, 4 Star Electronics was established in 2001 and has grown each year. With growth 4 Star Electronics has reinvested heavily back into the company to become the most trusted and reliable source for obsolete and hard to find electronic components. We have accomplished this by investing in counterfeit avoidance training and equipment. Our staff of highly trained quality control specialists are constantly evaluating our processes and revising our programs to ensure we stay on top of all the latest information and equipment. Our main mission is to make sure that customers receive the most reliable components available. Components for electronic applications are sensitive and need to be reliable since they are often used in applications where failure could be a threat to ones safety. It is for this reason we have such strict quality control processes. To locate the components to meet your needs please use the part search utility below.

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