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Motorola Semiconductor Distributor

Motorola Semiconductor Distributor

With over 30 years of experience 4 Star Electronics is the industry leading in supplying obsolete Motorola Semiconductor components. We have an extensive on-site inventory of obsolete Motorola Semiconductor components in our San Clemente, CA facility that are available for same-day shipping on all parts ordered by 3:00pm (PST). As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations while always improving our quality systems. Please use our global part search utility to easily locate the obsolete Motorola Semiconductor components you need to meet your production needs. We carry all types of obsolete Motorola Semiconductor components including semiconductors, embedded processors and microcontrollers. Once you find the Motorola Semiconductor components you are looking for submit a request for quote online (RFQ) to get a prompt quote from one of our OEM sales associations.

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About Motorola Semiconductor

Motorola Semiconductor is the world’s most successful producer of semiconductors, embedded processors, advanced electronic systems and services. Motorola received the 2004 National Medal of Technology, the United State’s highest honor for technological innovation, for over 75 years of technological achievement in the development of innovative electronic solutions, including their development of semiconductors, embedded processors and microcontrollers. Products manufactured by the Motorola Semiconductor Division have received excellent acceptance worldwide for their real-time control, reliable performance and low costs. Motorola semiconductors, microcontrollers and embedded processors continue to be used in today’s advanced electronic systems, communication devices and computers by the automotive, defense and space industries as well as millions of other consumer products worldwide. In 2004, Motorola’s semiconductor sector was publicly traded to create Freescale Semiconductors after being a part of Motorola, Inc for 50 years. In 2006 Freescale went private and continues to be a major semiconductor supplier for Motorola.

Motorola Semiconductor Corporate Info
Motorola Semiconductor
1501 East Woodfield Road # 110E
Schaumburg, IL 60173 US
Web Site: www.freescale.com
Motorola Semiconductor Parts
MOT1, MOT2, MOT3, MOT4, MOT5, MOT6, MOT7, MOT8, MOT9, MOT10, MOT11, MOT12, MOT13, MOT14, MOT15, MOT16, MOT17, MOT18, MOT19, MOT20, MOT21, MOT22, MOT23, MOT24, MOT25, MOT26, MOT27, MOT28, MOT29, MOT30, MOT31, MOT32, MOT33, MOT34, MOT35, MOT36, MOT37, MOT38, MOT39, MOT40, MOT41, MOT42, MOT43, MOT44, MOT45, MOT46, MOT47, MOT48, MOT49, MOT50, MOT51, MOT52, MOT53, MOT54, MOT55, MOT56, MOT57, MOT58, MOT59, MOT60, MOT61, MOT62, MOT63, MOT64, MOT65, MOT66, MOT67, MOT68, MOT69, MOT70, MOT71, MOT72, MOT73, MOT74, MOT75, MOT76, MOT77, MOT78, MOT79, MOT80, MOT81, MOT82, MOT83, MOT84, MOT85, MOT86, MOT87, MOT88, MOT89, MOT90, MOT91, MOT92, MOT93, MOT94, MOT95, MOT96, MOT97, MOT98, MOT99, MOT100, MOT101, MOT102, MOT103, MOT104, MOT105, MOT106, MOT107, MOT108, MOT109, MOT110, MOT111, MOT112, MOT113, MOT114, MOT115, MOT116, MOT117, MOT118, MOT119, MOT120, MOT121, MOT122, MOT123, MOT124, MOT125, MOT126, MOT127, MOT128, MOT129, MOT130, MOT131, MOT132, MOT133, MOT134, MOT135, MOT136, MOT137, MOT138, MOT139, MOT140, MOT141, MOT142, MOT143, MOT144, MOT145, MOT146, MOT147, MOT148, MOT149, MOT150, MOT151, MOT152, MOT153, MOT154, MOT155, MOT156, MOT157, MOT158, MOT159, MOT160, MOT161, MOT162, MOT163, MOT164, MOT165, MOT166, MOT167, MOT168, MOT169, MOT170, MOT171, MOT172, MOT173, MOT174, MOT175, MOT176, MOT177, MOT178, MOT179, MOT180, MOT181, MOT182, MOT183, MOT184, MOT185, MOT186, MOT187, MOT188, MOT189, MOT190, MOT191, MOT192, MOT193, MOT194, MOT195, MOT196, MOT197, MOT198, MOT199, MOT200, MOT201, MOT202, MOT203, MOT204, MOT205, MOT206, MOT207, MOT208, MOT209, MOT210, MOT211, MOT212, MOT213, MOT214, MOT215, MOT216, MOT217, MOT218, MOT219, MOT220, MOT221, MOT222, MOT223, MOT224, MOT225, MOT226

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