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4 Star Electronics, Inc. is the industry leader in the distribution of obsolete LCD displays. We know that our past success and future success is completely dependent upon our ability to provide our customers the highest level of customer satisfaction. 4 Star has invested heavily in quality control equipment and processes, so our customers can be sure they will receive the highest quality LCD displays possible. We are an ANSI/ESD-S20.20 certified and ISO 9001:2000 certified electronics distributor with continual growth each year. We stock LCD displays by General Instruments, Agilent, Sharp, RCA and many others. If you know what obsolete electronic LCD display you are looking for, you can check stock with our part search utility below. Or, you can call us direct at (877) 240-8595 and a representative will be happy to assist you.

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About LCD Displays

LCD’s or Liquid Crystal Displays are thin flat panels that are used to display electronic images. Examples would be movies, text, graphical images like web pages and other forms of visual media. LCD’s are popular because of their lightweight and ability to be save space compared to televisions that used heavy, large Cathode Ray Tubes to display images. An example of a portable LCD display device would be the typical portable gaming system. LCD display technology has created new and innovative industries. The iphone is a great example. LCD displays have distinctive advantages over the very similar in style, plasma display. LCD displays often have higher contrast rations thus a picture that produces much whiter whites and much blacker blacks; an important characteristic depending on the application. If you are looking to procure obsolete LCD displays for your application give us a call or use our Request A Quote form. We will respond with pricing and availability as soon as possible.

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