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With over 30 years of experience 4 Star Electronics is the leading independent distributor of obsolete electronic components. We have an extensive on-site inventory of obsolete electronic components in our San Clemente, CA facility that are available for same-day shipping for all orders made by 3:00pm (PST). We have developed a proprietary global part search utility that allows you to have 24/7 access to our entire database of obsolete electronic components. Currently this database is comprised of over 50 million commercial, industrial and military obsolete components. You can use our global part search utility to find the obsolete electronic components you are looking for and submit a request for quote (RFQ) that will promptly be answered by one of our OEM sales associates. If the electronic component you are looking for is not in our inventory, we will use our global network of resources to procure the part you need at a competitive price. At 4 Star Electronics we are able to provide customized solutions for each of our customers and meet or exceed all your expectations.

Obsolete Electronic Component Distributor
We understand the challenges businesses face when they are unable to find the obsolete electronic component they need to meet their production needs. This is why we leverage the power of our global network and in-stock inventory to supply quality obsolete electronic components. Through our 30+ years of experience in the electronic component industry we created strategic partnerships with many of the major OEMs, CMs, franchise distributors and electronic component manufacturers. This enables us access to over 50 million line items that are not available through your traditional channels. These partnerships allow us access to product that has been obsoleted by the manufacturers and makes 4 Star Electronics a valued partner in your supply chain.

Industry Leading Obsolete Electronic Component Supplier
At 4 Star Electronics we position ourselves to be the “go to” distributor when your normal channels are unable to provide you with the obsolete electronic components you need. We have become the leading distributor of obsolete electronic components by sustaining a competitive advantage through our reliability, total quality commitment and our ongoing efforts to exceed customer expectations. As a testament to our success, we have an 80% return customer rate over a 5 year span that we feel is a direct reflection of our commitment to quality, on-time delivery and customer service. Overall we understand that you need more than a supplier, you need a strategic partner in your supply chain, so we strive to be that for you and more.

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