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4 Star Electronics is an independent distributor of obsolete Burr Brown components formed in 2001 to provide businesses with hard to find and obsolete electronic components. We leverage the power of our global network and in-stock inventory to supply you with quality Burr Brown components you are searching for. We carry all types of obsolete Burr Brown components including analog integrated circuits and mixed signal integrated circuits. Please use our global part search utility to easily locate the obsolete Burr Brown components you need to keep production running. 4 Star Electronics is committed to continuing to provide our customers with our award-winning combination of consistent competitive pricing, uncompromising service, and unsurpassed quality. Give 4 Star Electronics a call or request a quote online when you are unable to acquire the obsolete Burr Brown components you need through your normal channels and we will meet or exceed your expectations!

4 Star Electronics, Inc. is not associated, affiliated or an authorized distributor of Burr Brown.

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Burr-Brown previously developed, manufactured and marketed an extensive line of proprietary Burr-Brown Analog ICs (integrated circuits) and Burr-Brown Mixed-Signal ICs (integrated circuits) for electronics and signal processing. The Burr-Brown products are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Industrial process and control
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical imaging
  • Digital audio and video
  • Test and measurement instrumentation
  • Medical and scientific instrumentation
  • Media and personal computing

In September 2000, Texas Instruments (TI) acquired Burr-Brown Corporation. Burr-Brown delivered more than 1,200 innovative products to 25,000 customers worldwide with their line of proprietary high-performance electronic components. Burr-Brown developed the original commercial solid-state OP Amp (operational amplifier) and became the first company to develop high-precision data conversion technology.

Burr Brown Corporate Info
Burr Brown
PO Box 11400
Tucson, AZ 85734 US

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