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At 4 Star Electronics we stock obsolete parts from over 675 electronic component manufacturers. Below is a list of the different manufacturers we stock. Here we provide detailed information about the manufacturer, the parts we stock from them as well as product datasheets and tech support phone numbers. Use this list to help you find the exact part you need to keep production running smoothly. Once you determined which specific part you are looking for, use our global part search utility to check stock and request a quote.

Actel Components
Advanced Linear Devices
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Advanced Power Technologies (APT)
Aerovox Capacitors
Agilent Technologies
Alcoswitch Switches
Allegro Microsystems
Alliance Semiconductors
Altera Corporation
American Microsystems (AMI)
AMP Connectors
Amphenol Connectors
Analog Devices
Apex Microtechnology
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC)
Applied Microsystems Corporation
Aromat Relays
Atmel Corporation Microcontrollers
ATT&T Microelectronics
AVX Capacitors

Beckman Technologies
Benchmarq Electronics
BI Technologies
Boca Research
Bourns Electronics
Broadcom Components
Brooktree Semiconductors
BTC Components
Burndy Connectors
Burr-Brown Integrated Circuits

Cal-Chip Electronics
California Eastern Labs
California Micro Devices
Catalyst Semiconductor
Central Semiconductors
Cherry Semiconductors
Cinch Connectors
Cirrus Logic Semiconductors
C&K Components
Clare Micronix Integrated Circuits
Conexant Integrated Circuits
Corcom Filters
Cornell Dubilier Capacitors
CP Clare Relays & IC's
Crystal Semiconductors
CTS Corp. Components
Cypress Semiconductors
Cyrix Components

Dale Vishay Capacitors
Dallas Semiconductors
Delevan Inductors
Dialight LED's
Diodes, Inc Integrated Circuits
DSP Communications

Elantec Semiconductors
Epcos Capacitors
Epson Electronic Components
Exar Integrated Circuits
Exel Microelectronics

Fairchild Semiconductors
Fox Electronics
Fujitsu Semiconductors

General Instrument (GI)
General Semiconductors
Grayhill Switches

Harris Semiconductors
HI-G Relays
Hitachi Semiconductors
Honeywell Electronics
Hynix Semiconductors
Hyundai Microelectronics

Illinois Capacitors
Infineon Technologies
Information Storage Devices (ISD)
Integrated CMOS Technology (ICT)
Integrated Device Technology (IDT)
Integrated Silicon Solutions (ISSI)
Intel Semiconductors
International Rectifier (IR)
Intersil Semiconductors
ITT Cannon Connectors
ITT Cannon Switches

Johanson Capacitors
JW Miller Magnetic Components

Kemet Capacitors
KOA Resistor
Kyocera Semiconductors

Lattice Semiconductors
Level One Communications
LG Semicon Semiconductors
Linear Technology Integrated Circuits
Linfinity Microelectronics
Lite-On Optoelectronics
Littelfuse Fuses
Logic Devices Integrated Circuits
Lucent Technologies

M/A-COM RF/Microwave Products
Macronix Semiconductors
Magnecraft Relays
Mallory Capacitors
Matra MHS Capacitors
Matsushita Electric (Panasonic)
Maxim Semiconductors
Micrel Semiconductor
Microchip Technology Semiconductors
Micro Linear Integrated Circuits
Micron Technology Semiconductors
Microsemi Semiconductors
MIPS Technologies
Mitel Semiconductors
Mitsubishi Microwave/RF Semiconductors
Mitsubishi Optoelectronic Semiconductors
Mitsubishi Semiconductors
Mitsumi Components
MMI Semiconductors
Molex Connectors
Monolithic Memories
Mosaic Semiconductors
Mosel-Vitelic Semiconductors
Motorola Semiconductors
Murata Electronics
Music Semiconductors

NAIS Components
National Semiconductors
NEC Technolgies Electronic Components
Nemco Tantalum Capacitors
New Japan Radio Semiconductors
NexGen (now AMD)
NIC Components
Nichicon Capacitors
NJR Semiconductors

Ohmite Resistors
Oki Semiconductors
Omron Relays
On Semiconductors
Optek Displays
Orbit Semiconductors

Panasonic Components
P&B Relays
Pericom Semiconductor
Philips Semiconductors
Phoenix Contacts
Pioneer Electronics
Plessey Semiconductors
PMC-Sierra Microprocessors
PMI Semiconductors
Potter & Brumfield Relays
Powerex Power Semiconductors
Power One Power Supplies
Precision Monolithics Microprocessors

QT Optoelectronics
Quality Semiconductors
QuickLogic Programmable Logics

Rambus Memory
Ramtron Integrated Semiconductors
Raytheon Semiconductors
RF Monolithics
Robinson Nugent Connectors
Rockwell Semiconductors
Roederstein Capacitors
Rohm Electronics
Rubycon Electrolytic Capacitors
Rubycon Film Capacitors

Samsung Semiconductors
Sanken Semiconductors
Sanyo Semiconductors
Saronix Crystals
Saronix Oscillators
SEEQ Technology Semiconductors
Seiko Instruments Electronic Components
Semicoa Semiconductors
Semicon Electronic Components
SGS-Thomson Microelectronics
Sharp Displays
Shuttle Semiconductors
Siemens Semiconductors
Sierra Semiconductors
Signetics Semiconductors
Silicon General Semiconductors
Siliconix Power MOSFETs
Simtek Corp Integrated Circuits
Sipex Integrated Circuits
S-MOS Systems CMOS Integrated Circuits
Solid State Relays
Solitron Devices
Sony Semiconductors
Space Electronics
Spectrum Control Components
Sprague Capacitors
Sprague Goodman Capacitors
Sprague Goodman Diodes
Sprague Goodman Inductors
Sprague Semiconductors
Startech Semiconductors
STB Switchcraft Connectors
STB Switchcraft Switches
ST Microelectronics
Sun Microelectronics
Synergy Semiconductors

Taitron Components
Taiyo-Yuden Capacitors
T&B Ansley Connectors
TDK Components
TDK Semiconductors
Technitrol Electronic Components
TelCom Semiconductors
Teledyne Relays
Telefunken Semiconductors
Temic Semiconductors
Texas Instruments Semiconductors
Tokin America Tatalum Capacitors
Toshiba Semiconductors
Transwitch Semiconductors
Trident Microsystems
TriQuint Semiconductors
Tyco Agastat Relays
Tyco Amp Connectors
Tyco CII Relays
Tyco Corcom Power Devices
Tyco Electronics
Tyco M/A-COM RF/Microwave Products
Tyco P&B Relays
Tyco Potter & Brumfield Relays

UMC Semiconductors
United Chemicon Capacitors
United MIcroelectronics

Vishay BCcomponents
Vishay Capacitors
Vishay Cera-Mite
Vishay Dale Capacitors
Vishay Foil Resistors
Vishay Micro-Measurements
Vishay Resistors
Vishay RFWaves
Vishay Roederstein Capacitors
Vishay Semiconductors
Vishay Sensortronics
Vishay Siliconix Power MOSFETs
Vishay Spectrol Components
Vishay Sprague Capacitors
Vishay Transducers
Vishay Ultronix Components
Vishay Vitramon Capacitors
Vitesse Integrated Circuits
Vitramon Capacitors
Vivid Semiconductors
VLSI Technology Semiconductors
VTC Semiconductor Components

Waferscale Integration Programmable System Devices
Winchester Connectors

Xicon Electronic Components
Xicor Semiconductors
Xilinx Semiconductors

Yageo Passive Components
Yamaha Microprocessors

Zarlink Semiconductors
Zetex Semiconductors
Zilog Semiconductors

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